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Years back the leather industry of Pakistan faced some major crisis, and it was difficult to accept this huge failure of such a productive industry. Most of the cobblers and vendors working in this industry started switching their professions such as to drivers, salesmen at shops and other blue collared jobs where their expertise were not even utilized. This was the time when our CEO decided to revive back this falling industry, this was a difficult task to achieve which required a lot of commitment and hard work, but most importantly gaining the trust of the cobblers and vendors was top of the list.

After a lot of struggle a group of cobblers were finally convinced to work with us. We started on a very small scale where we made shoes/boots and jackets for our friends and their mutuals who lived abroad. They sent us pictures of shoes and our cobblers created copies of those shoeswith genuine leather. Our handmade leather shoes started gaining appreciation amongst the community and this was a great motivation for the team to work hard and start making them goals bigger and better. We made our stores on different online marketplaces and gradually entered the online business world. Since then, Footeria has made its name in the online world for selling high quality products and fastest delivery. We hope that our journey on this platform makes it cherish able for our customers!

Our business aims to give customers the best quality products made with genuine calf leather that is hand stitched in the most sophisticated designs. We bring forward style, quality, and an everlasting experience. Our products range from oxford shoes, penny loafers and jungle boots. Not just that we also make high quality leather jackets ranging from punk style gothic studded jackets to celebrity fashion jackets. We hope to give you a high-end experience by choosing our products.


  • Premium quality full grain leather hand crafted boots,
  • Upper made with full tanned flawless part of calf skin,
  • Lining of quality sheep skin,
  • Inner of quality shank board,
  • Real leather vegetable tanned leather soles,
  • Hand stitched good year welted soles with bead around the soles to make them water proof, made for last long with time and care,
  • Heels made with multi layers of real animal skin,
  • Heel tip full rubber,
  • You may ask for a winter or summer pad under soles (optional),

Logos and initials:
For an additional fee (please enquire with your specifications), we can emboss, print or embroider your logo and initials on the shoe.

We also supply to retailers and whole sellers.
Understanding Shoe Construction :

Goodyear Welting:

Goodyear welting is the oldest, most labour intensive, and most durable of the three methods of construction. It can be done by machine or by hand and involves multiple steps. We at Skins are are experts in Goodyear welting construction.

Blake Welting:

Of the two primary welting methods, Blake is the simplest and most common. The stitching is done on the inside, our expert cobbler does this by hand. We can make Blake constructions shoes and boots.